Powder metallurgy process, the four major processes

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Powder metallurgy process, you know how the basic process is like? If you do not know, now we look at the basic processes of powder metallurgy techniques it.
1, the raw material powder preparation. Existing milling methods can be roughly divided into two categories: mechanical and physical-chemical methods, while the mechanical method can be divided into: mechanical grinding and spray method; physical-chemical methods are divided into: electrochemical corrosion method, reduction, of legitimate, restore - of legal, vapor deposition, liquid deposition and electrolysis which is the most widely used reduction method, spray method and electrolytic method.
2, forming the desired shape of the powder billet block. The purpose is obtained by forming a certain shape and size of the compacts, and it has a certain density and strength are basically two methods of forming and compression molding without molding . compression molding is the most widely used molding.
3, blank pieces of sintering. Sintered powder metallurgy process is the key process. Forming the compacts after sintering to be required by the final physical and mechanical properties. Sintering sintering system is divided into units and multi-line sintering.
4, the product of the order of processing. Sintering treatment, according to the requirements of different products, take a variety of ways, such as finishing, dipping oils, machining, heat treatment and plating.