New trends in powder metallurgy materials

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Throughout the study of new materials, powder metallurgy development status, the major Western industrial countries are focused on human, material, seeking a breakthrough, regarded powder metallurgy technology, new materials and their preparation to be classified as one of the key focus of national support, great emphasis on the powder metallurgy of new materials for developing the national economy, defend the national security, better health and improving peoples quality of life in the prominent role.
Chinas preparation for powder metallurgy and new materials technology has always attached great importance, as an important area has been included in China since 1956, successive national science and technology development planning. 863 in our high-tech, new materials technology is one of the seven key areas. After years of effort, a large number of new materials, powder metallurgy has been successfully applied to defense and civilian industries, and some new material powder metallurgy research ranking the international advanced level, for the preparation of new materials and technology, sustainable development has laid a good foundation .